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The View From Here – So THAT Happened

By: Carrie Buchanan


It was a rough start to the day when I threw my daughters backpack into the dryer and didn’t check the pockets.  I mean, ALL the pockets.  Some backpacks have way too many pockets for someone to check early in the morning.  What I didn’t see was the lip gloss.  When the dryer stopped the lip gloss was EVERYWHERE.  All over the backpack and a few other items and all over the dryer.  So much shine (smile).

So I scrubbed the backpack.  Scrubbed the pants.  Threw them into the washing machine fingers crossed hoping for a positive gloss free outcome.  (It worked).   Cleaning the dryer was a job in itself.

That was probably the worst thing ever to go through the washer/dryer at our house.  I mean, I’ve seen many things go through it over the years.

Drivers license.  Matches.  Chapstick.  Money.   Nothing that was ever RUINED like with the lip gloss mess.

So I asked the question of Fox listeners this afternoon — “What is the worst thing you accidentally put through the washer and dryer????” and I got a lot of great responses.

“I put a white load in the dryer not noticing my daughter hid a box of crayons in it. Colored was everywhere and ruined every piece of clothing. Some shirts did look kinda cool though. What a mess.”

“A black sharpie.  The inside of my dryer looked like a toddler climbed in and coloured all over the inside.  It took a year of laundry to get rid of it.”

“Package of gum and tic tacs”

“My treasured The Smiths’ “Hatful of Hallow” cassette went through the wash. I likely would have cried, but Columbia House had another one for a penny.”

“My 9 yo left his pet snail in his pocket , came out of the wash as escargot!”

“I thought it would be a good idea to wash my feather pillows not the best idea. It exploded in the washing machine and there was feathers everywhere.”

“I put the baby Monitor in the washer and then spent a good 46 minutes looking everywhere for when it hit me like a bag of bricks That I put it on top of the load of laundry when I carried it down to the washing machine… needless to say rice didn’t help”

“I once accidentally put a bottle of mayo through the wash”

“Candy corn bag in my back pocket in the dryer.”

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